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☟The Rehydrated Neo-Goddess☟

Performance, in production (completion expected Dec 2020)

Stills from video work in production, to be incorporated in performance

I was invited to contribute to a performance work, ‘Seeking the Aether’ by SHOAL, a “physical performance, new music, multimedia and experimental ensemble” based in the UK. Four female artists have been asked respond to one of the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) by devising a 15 minute performance with the collective; my given element is Earth.

The performance will be an expanded moment from another work that is in production - The Keeper. In this film human beings have visited a tardigrade Goddess to seek guidance in how to avert the next mass extinction, saving their non-human companions. They are informed that they must serenade the Goddess by singing to her her DNA sequence.

The Rehydrated Neo-Goddess has expanded into a further body of research through which I construct a universe where tardigrades, the only animal known to have survived all five mass extinctions, are considered Chthonic goddesses.
Related works: The Keeper, Stayin’ Alive.