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☟The Keeper☟

Single channel video, in production (completion expected Dec 2020)

Storyboard sketches for The Keeper

The Keeper tells a Creation-Extinction myth. It takes its point of departure from a true story about an Israeli spacecraft (carrying the Arch Lunar Library, a time capsule containing a microscopic library to represent all of humanity, designed exist in space for billions of years) that crashed on the moon in 2019, releasing a colony of tardigrades. The tale evolves from this news report into a science fiction tale; a fantasy world where tardigrade DNA sequences become karaoke, and the Lunar Water Bear becomes a new Moon Goddess to be worshiped by humans. Playfully traversing expansive themes of imperialism, redemption and ecological destruction, the film is told from the perspective of the spacecraft, ‘Beresheet’, Hebrew for “in the beginning”.

The Keeper is part of a body of research expanding from a performance commission by SHOAL. Through this research I construct a universe where tardigrades, the only animal known to have survived all five mass extinctions, are considered Chthonic goddesses.
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