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☟TOTO TO TOTORO; Can talking animals save the world?☟

Publication, 25cm x 17.5cm (197 pages)

Post-apocalyptic giant insects, singing mice, poetry by a cockroach, shapeshifting Tricksters, a parrot who speaks Portuguese, a dog who speaks Tagalog, rivers with legal personhood and a scarecrow who was painted into existence by a farmer.

TOTO TO TOTORO: Can talking animals save the world? is an ecological treatise that probes the importance of other-than-human storytelling to form more sustainable ways of planetary being. Toto, the trusty canine from The Wizard of Oz series, guides us through a series of encounters of the animal kind through interviews, poetry, letters and essays by select talking animals from literary and filmic worlds. Through these conversations the talking animals ask if they might be the unexpected key to rupturing the anthropocentric nature-culture divide. And if so, is this enough to save the world?

The first chapter is published in SWARM Magazine as part of their ‘Who let the dogs out?’ series. To purchase a copy of the publication visit artist book store Page Not Found (Den Haag, NL) or email me.

Designer: Renata Miron Granados.