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☟Stayin’ Alive☟

Interactive karaoke performance, 2020

Stayin’ Alive was a parasitic intervention on another artwork, Nice Apocalypse by Jesse Siegel and David Ghelli Santuliana. Humans were offered the chance to duet with a tardigrade; an opportunity to embrace karaoke-as-ritual to ward off their upcoming extinction. Like garlic to a vampire, proclamations of survival travelled from mouth to microphone. After all, an extinction without singing is not an extinction worth having.

Karaoke Menu
I Will Survive | Gloria Gaynor
Stayin’ Alive | Bee Gees
Gotta Get Thru This | Daniel Bedingfield
I’m Like A Bird | Nelly Furtado
Survivor | Destiny’s Child
Nothing But Flowers | Talking Heads
God’s Plan | Drake
Gotta Be | Desi’re
Immortality | Celine Dion
Like A Prayer | Madonna
Imagine | John Lennon
Fly Me to the Moon | Frank Sinatra
Bring Me To Life | Evanescence
Die Another Day | Madonna
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me | Elton John & George Michael
Don't Stop | Fleetwood Mac
Eye of the Tiger | Survivor
Stronger | Kanye West
When The Going Gets Tough | Billy Ocean
Without Me | Eminem

This work was produced for ‘A Simple Fizz’ (Curated by Jonatan Habib Engqvist) at Quartair, The Hague (NL).