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☟First it sleeps, second it creeps, third it leaps☟

Single channel 4K video, 19:24 mins, 2020

Installation shots at ‘The Ongoing Conversation #7’, 1646. Photographs by Giath Taha.

Once upon a time, the world grew roots and hovered in suspended animation. When a mysterious Ogham Stone, and an omniscient talking log offer an insight into the true cause of the Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes clear that a solution to the crisis must come with sacrifice. A record of some of the most devastating and downright bizarre epidemics throughout history, First it sleeps, second it creeps, third it leaps serves as a reminder of the fragility of both human existence, and belief.

Written, directed and edited by Georgie Brinkman.
Cinematography and sound design by Alex Wight.
With thanks to Johan Gustavsson, Clara Palli, Jay Tan and Janice McNab.
Installation shots by Giath Taha.

For a private link to the full version, please feel free to email me.

This work was made whilst in a period of semi-quarantine during the Covid-19 crisis. It was produced for ‘The Ongoing Conversation #7’ (Curated by Johan Gustavsson & Clara Palli) at 1646, The Hague (NL).